Kids Chore/To-Do List

When it comes to chores or to-do lists, I love making them fun – whenever possible.  I found this awesome pin on pinterst for a popsicle stick chore jar.  I took it a little step further, and turned mine into paint cans that I could hang on our door leading upstairs.  It’s simple, to the point, and adds a bit of fun & color to everyday things that he should be doing anyway.


What you’ll need:

1) Computer or Markers

2) Scissors

3) Glue Stick or Double Stick Tape

4) Bond Paper or Cardstock

5) Jar, Bucket or Mini Craft Paint Cans (we got ours at Pat Catans)

Our Daily To-Do List for our little guy

1)  Get Dressed

2)  Make Bed

3)  Clean up any toys/messes you made

4)  Eat Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

5)  Go to Sleep

6)  Brush Teeth

7)  Do Homework (20 minutes minimum)

8)  Feed Dogs/Cat

9)  Take Bath/Shower

10) Take Medicine

11) Put Pajamas On

12)  Mom or Dads Choice

Etc, Etc, Etc.

You can of course make your own say whatever you want, but we wanted to find a way he could remember what he had to do every night instead of it being a struggle.

UPDATED:  Some people have asked for a printable, I have updated it to make it pretty simple, and made the colors more basic.  If you want it personalized let us know and we can talk about pricing.  :) Good luck!


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